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Want to Fund YourJoy?

  • Get clear on exactly how much money you have... to spend, to save, to donate, to invest

  • Prioritize what really matters to you

  • Change how you think about money

I know, you've got a lot going on.

You're saving the world or your corner of it. Running a business, a 5k, a political campaign, a community garden. You're caring for family (both human and pet), climbing mountains (metaphorical and not), and facing the "fun" of middle age. All while knowing there's something more.  


Maybe your life leaves you with only just a little bit of brain power to think about getting your money sorted out.  And let's not mention the energy drain of dealing with it day after day, month after month, year after year.  Are you wondering when it's going to get easier?

What if getting your shit together wasn't such a drag?  What if you could enjoy talking about your money and... laugh? 

You want someone in your corner who understands that saving for a trip around the world is just as important as saving for a rainy day. Someone who speaks sarcasm fluently and will call you on your BS. Who understands that "just fine" is no way to move through life.

C.E.(Cairo, Egypt)

Expat - Small Business Owner

You gave me the confidence to look at the whole picture and really think about how I want my money to work for me and what the joy is that I want to fund

S.V.(Arizona, US)

Mom of 2

By making simple changes (in budgeting, but above all, my attitude), I have more money than I ever have in my life!  I feel so much more empowered to face ANY challenge in life.  Somehow it feels like magic that I suddenly have so much money, but it's the support and simple practices I have learned from Julie. I have completely changed my attitude from "it'll all work out somehow" to being empowered and taking full charge now for the love and care of my future self. 


I work with women who want to feel in control of their financial life and allow their money to open doors to their goals.

It's important for me to feel joyful and safe, and I lean on those values to help my clients create financial ease in their lives.  Sure we'll deal with the realities of your finances, but also get into the head garbage that keeps us stuck. We'll give your money the respect it deserves and have a bunch of laughs along the way. 

I'm a Coach (and Accredited Financial Counselor). Not an advisor, planner, or salesperson. I will guide you and hold you accountable to your goals, all while trying my damndest to avoid the word "should."  

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