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Julie Duszak 

Money and Mindset Coach
Accredited Financial Counselor

Here's the thing...

There are plenty of people trying to talk to us about money, but there is a lack of talking with women about their money. One-size-fits-all advice may sell books, but influencers and gurus can't get us very far when the real emphasis on personal finance needs to be on the “personal”.  I want to help women understand their money and build a healthy relationship with it.

Soooo... a Money and Mindset Coach?

I'll be the first to admit I'm the furthest thing from a "finance person."  But really, we don't need to be obsessed with numbers, charts, economics, or any of that crap to handle our money or the head garbage we have about our money.  (Don't get me wrong, I do love a good spreadsheet.  And I bet you will too when you see how easy your financial life can become.) 

We just need a plan, a means of following through on it, and a willingness to take a look inside ourselves. Good thing I love plans and I'm good at asking the questions that will make you think.  


Let's build the practical money habits you need while shifting your mindset and beliefs around money.

Once upon a time, I had a miserable but stable government job. I vividly remember the sticky note on my desk that showed my daily earnings after taxes. If the number on that note ever matched the amount I was willing to pay just to escape work that day, I knew it was time for a change. Except, the only change I felt brave enough to make was slinking back to the toxic stressful employer I’d left a year prior. I just wasn’t ready to trade the security of my salary for my own happiness.  A steady paycheck is a great cage.

Like everyone, there's a lot to my story that deeply shapes how I approach life. A major influence is that my father, our family’s sole earner and a small business owner, passed away suddenly at an age younger than I am now. I watched my mother pick up the pieces while making sure I and my two brothers still had opportunities to be happy.  She met with the lawyer, accountant, financial planner, all without prior experience or knowledge of how to do any of it.  Slowly— on her own— she learned.  She moved from a place of uncertainty to a place of empowerment.  And she raised me with as much financial knowledge as she could cram into my disinterested teenage brain.  This experience helped me realize the need to live life to its absolute fullest while also safeguarding myself against the unforeseen twists it may throw our way. 

One way that I reconcile that is through travel. I eagerly obtained my first passport at the age of 22 (on my way to the Caribbean to work on a luxury cruise ship) and since then, it has rarely gathered dust. Exploring different corners of the world, understanding diverse cultures, and witnessing how people live has become my passion. I prioritize experiences over material possessions, yet I also cherish the comforts of life and indulge in unforgettable moments of fun.

I'm the kind of person who gets a little wrapped up comparing prices of household items, but then, without hesitation, invests $5000 in a culinary travel adventure.  I understand that my relationship with money is the key that unlocks the door to these incredible experiences. I don't simply rely on luck. I have a plan—a well-thought-out, strategic plan that ensures it all works out.

My financial work with clients began when I became involved with a military non-profit counseling service and then later at an organization serving women in crisis.  I became enamored with the transformations possible when people understand their money.  Moving into private practice has allowed me to work with clients all over the world on their fabulous joy-filled goals, all while pursuing my own joy.

In your journey towards financial clarity, confidence, and freedom, I'm not just a coach; I'm your partner. Together, we'll craft a path that honors your dreams, secures your future, and allows you to embrace life's wonders with open arms. 


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