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Let's give your money the respect it deserves and have a bunch of fun along the way 

So here's the thing.

While there are plenty of people trying to talk to women about money, there is a lack of talking with women about money. One-size-fits-all advice may sell books, but influencers and gurus can't get us very far when the real emphasis on personal finance needs to be on the “personal” aspect.  I want to help women understand and build a healthy relationship with their money with the support of a trusted partner and friend.


I'll be the first to admit I'm the furthest thing from a "finance person."  But really, we don't need to be obsessed with numbers, charts, economics, or any of that crap to handle our money or the head garbage we have about our money.  (Don't get me wrong, I do love a good spreadsheet.  And I bet you will too when you see how easy your financial life can become.) 

We just need a plan, a means of following through on it, and a willingness to take a look inside ourselves. Good thing I love plans and I'm good at asking the questions that will make you think.  


Let's build the practical money habits you need while shifting your mindset and beliefs around money.

Soooo... a Money and Mindset coach?

About Julie

For the past eight years, I have been guiding clients toward financial bliss and I believe that every woman has the agency to choose the best financial path for themselves--  the word ‘should’ does not exist in the Fund Your Joy philosophy. 


My approach to coaching is judgment free, casual, and — dare I say it — fun.  I'll make sure you take your money seriously, without being too serious.  


I accumulated extensive experience in employee training and development before turning my interest to money. (Ok, it's always been there, evidenced by the ever present pile of personal finance books on my nightstand over the years).  I turned my ability to teach about really boring topics toward helping my individual, corporate, and pro bono clients find joy in personal finance. 


When I'm not coaching, I love SCUBA diving, yoga, and riding my new e- bike. Otherwise you can find me in the kitchen experimenting or on a Zoom call trying to prevent a cat butt from appearing on screen. I am also an avid traveler and love to hear about my clients’ next adventures.

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