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Personalized Coaching for Your Money AND How You Feel About It

Get Your Financial $h!t Together So You Can Live the Life You love

  • Get clarity on exactly how much money you have... to spend, to save, to donate, to invest

  • Have the freedom to focus on what you choose instead of thinking about your money

  • Build confidence in your financial decisions without second guessing yourself

Where to start? 
How about a 6-step path that will lead you to really understanding your money + how you feel about it

pathway on laptop.png

I work with women who want to feel in control of their financial life and allow their money to support their goals rather than hinder them.


When you *know* you want to get your $shit together but just don't know how, you need a Coach.  I will guide you, challenge you, teach you, and hold you accountable to your goals, all while trying our damndest to avoid the word "should."  

I know, you've got a lot going on.

You're saving the world or your corner of it, running a business or a 5k, caring for family (both human and pet), climbing mountains (metaphorical and not.) 


You want someone in your corner who understands that saving for a trip around the world is just as important as saving for a rainy day. Someone who speaks sarcasm fluently and will call you on your shit. Who understands that "just fine" is no way to move through life.

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