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How Coaching Works

During our sessions we address these issues, and more: 

  • a clear way forward that outlines the steps needed to feel confident about your spending, saving with a purpose, debt payoffs, and goals

  • a spending plan that’s as rigid or flexible as you need it to be

  • a savings plan that you feel confident about... one that leaves you ready to tackle not only what life throws at you, but the fun, lifestyle expenses you want to enjoy- now and in the future

  • discover which payoff strategy is best for you for a debt reduction plan, if that’s your goal

  • identify the sticky areas of your relationship with money and developing strategies to move forward


Along the way we can address issues that pop up like, "argh, why do I keep overspending on that?" or practical things like rethinking how much you want to have in emergency savings or whether or not to make the move, take the job, buy the house, plan the trip.

Don't just take my word for it...

By making simple changes (in budgeting, and above all, my attitude), I have more money than I ever have in my life!  I feel so much more empowered to face ANY challenge in my life. I have learned that putting in the effort to reach goals in bitesize, small steps creates a larger sense of peace that is completely unrelated to finances. 
Somehow it feels like magic that I suddenly have so much money, but it's the support and simple practices I have learned from you. I have completely changed my attitude from "it'll all work out somehow" to being empowered and taking full charge now for the love and care of my future self. 

Sereti V., Arizona, US

I'm making money moves!  Thank you so much! I have $1300 for my car and apartment, and then $1085 for "fun money", and then $1600 for an emergency fund.  I feel rich!

Jessica S., Abu Dhabi, UAE

With her passion and expertise, Julie has played an instrumental role in supporting our clients to achieve the ultimate goal of financial independence. 

JP, Virginia, US

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