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Clear Blue Water

Confidence, clarity, and freedom 

financial confidence


to make smart financial decisions

financial clarity


on your current situation, challenges, and the path forward

financial confidence


to pursue your passions instead of worrying about money

How Coaching Works

With me in your corner you'll increase your financial know-how (including gaining an awareness of where all your darn $$ goes), get a real plan for savings and debt payoff, align your spending with your priorities, and address the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. In our 100% judgment-free sessions, I'll work with you to move barriers so you can get on with your life.

Many clients start with the Financial Essentials Program. During a series of 10 sessions, we focus on your past, present and future.  Together, we will understand how the past has impacted your feelings about money (and what you can do about it), what your present situation looks like, and where you can go in the future (with a firm plan to get there).  Sessions include a discussion of what’s gotten in your way before and practical solutions for moving forward.


From our first meeting, you will begin to see your money and your relationship with it in a new light. I actively avoid the word “should” and we will work together to find solutions, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never have to make a change that doesn’t feel right to you. Between sessions you are not on your own-- I will be providing informational videos and reflective tasks to keep the momentum going.  Your confidence and clarity will increase and you will see solid plans begin to take shape.

Along the way, we’ll create tangible takeaways such as a full financial snap shot, an “oh shit” file, detailed plans, and more. Over the span of the program, you will find yourself more and more willing to proudly say, “I have got my financial shit together.”  

Not quite what you need? If you prefer support that focuses more on a particular area like spending habits  or long term debt reduction, or if you want to spend  more time dreaming and planning your goals or learning about various financial topics, then a Custom Financial Coaching Experience is for you.  For clients in this program, I create a completely customized journey based on your unique financial goals.  You choose the focus, I bring the ideas, resources, plans, and accountability. Why six months?  You and I both know that change is hard.  Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what you even want.  Then comes the work of implementing habits and systems that will make the change stick and turn your goals into reality.  Those efforts take time and I'll be there with you through all of it.  


Our initial call is at no charge.  During this 30-45 minute session we will get to know each other and see if the fit is right. Coaching isn't for everyone and I want you to be comfortable making this commitment to yourself.  I will answer any questions you may have about the process and inform you of upcoming program availability.

The Financial Essentials Program entails:

  • a specially designed strategy to cover the essential areas of your financial life, including: 

    • discovering why you feel the way you do about money

    • ​knowing where your money is going (and where you want it to go)

    • being prepared for financial emergencies

    • getting your money life organized

    • creating specific goals with a real plan to achieve them

    • addressing debt (and yep, another plan here, too)

    • preparing yourself to make retirement plans

  • 1 two-hour kickoff session

  • 9 one-hour sessions (biweekly)

  • supportive and educational video lessons between meetings



or 3 payments of $517

ThCustom Financial Coaching Experience entails:

  • a fully tailor-made plan designed to support your unique needs, including: 

    • any topic​s from the Financial Essentials Program with more detail wherever you want it

    • a deep dive into the topics of your choosing

    • personalized accountability that gets you exactly the support you need

  • 1 two-hour kickoff session

  • 7 one-hour sessions to be held over 6 months at intervals that work for you

  • personalized resources 

  • unlimited email access between meetings


payment in full required


Upon graduation from either program, clients may choose to continue with monthly coaching for advice, support and ongoing accountability.  

Not quite ready? 

Don't worry, I've got you.  My goal is to help anyone who needs to find financial clarity and joy.  


If you are looking for education, check out my Live and Learn blog for common sense articles on various money topics, all with a Julie spin to them.  You won't find click bait, affiliate links or any sales pitches.  Just the occasional bad pun.  


For inspiration, follow me on Instagram. I announce new blog posts there as well as pose thought provoking questions, inspiring quotes, and sometimes a picture of one of my "coworker cats". 

And when you're ready for transformation, I'm here for you.  Just reach out.

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