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One on one coaching to map out your money plan

We'll create the plan, work the plan, tweak the plan, add to the plan, and live with the plan. 

Don't freak out.  Think of it like deciding where you want to go on a trip, putting that destination in your navigation system, and then occasionally peeking at it to make sure it hasn't rerouted you. That's not scary.  What is terrifying is putting cruise control on and just driving straight without ever having decided where to go. 

Together we will clarify your current situation and your goals then transform them into a workable money map.  Along the way we'll address your spending, contingency planning, savings, debt and the fabulous joy-filled goals that make life worth living. Plus we can fill in knowledge gaps where needed. You'll come out the other side with a sense of financial ease, ready to fund your joy.

To accomplish this, we will meet twice a month to put habits and systems into place and to talk through what's going well and what's tripping you up.  You'll have access to supplemental support through worksheets, videos, and chats with me. 

Program consists of:

  • Two 60 minute sessions per month

  • Just-in-time tools such as worksheets and videos

  • What’sApp access to me in between scheduled meetings


Coaching program subscription is $500 per month.  No ongoing contract. Get coaching for as long as you need.

Additional limited availability for VIP Intensive Coaching. Email me to learn more about my super productive 1/2 day sessions.

I know it's a little scary, even just the idea of appearing on yet another Zoom screen not to mention feeling pretty vulnerable. It's tough to admit that you, in fact, do not have all your shit together. Spoiler alert: Neither do I.  I mean really, life is full of shit and we can't master it all. But together we can get your finances to a place where you are proud of yourself and the progress you've made.  


You've come this far, so I bet you have a good sense already that we will get along smashingly.  But if you just aren't sure if we'll click, let's have a quick chat to meet. I can answer any questions you may have about the program and get you started if you'd like. 

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