let's do this!

As a first step to your Illumination Session, book your FREE 15-20 minute Exploration Call.  We'll discuss your needs and your goals and you will get all your questions answered about working together.  We can decide if working together is right for both of us. 

I know it's a little scary, even just the idea of appearing on yet another Zoom screen not to mention feeling pretty vulnerable. It's tough to admit that you, in fact, do not have all your shit together. Spoiler alert:  Neither do I.  I mean really, life is full of shit and we can't master it all.  But together we can get your finances to a place where you are proud of yourself and the progress you've made.  


You've come this far, so I bet you have a good sense already that we will get along smashingly.  What are you waiting for?

After we talk, you'll know if my coaching program is right for you and whether or not I have immediate availability.  (I only work with a few select clients at a time so I can focus my attention on meeting your needs.)