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Find financial clarity, freedom, confidence and ease with

Money Clarity Coaching

and do it without sacrificing joy OR security!

Do you want to feel in control of your finances?

  • Gain an awareness of where all your darn money goes

  • Get control of your cash flow so you can know what you can spend all the time

How about using your money to fund what brings you joy instead of for "whatever"?

  • Align your spending with your priorities so you achieve the joy-filled goals that make life worth living

  • Improve your relationship with money and figure out why you do what you do with money

And wouldn't it be great to stop muttering, "I gotta get my shit together"?

  • Create an actionable plan for meeting goals, building savings, and paying off debt

  • Get accountability to stay on track so you don't have rely on will power

Women who have been where you are

When I got tired of feeling that my money had a mind of its own, I called Julie. In a few sessions, I had clarity on what I wanted from my money and how to have a healthy relationship with my finances. Months later, I still use the exercises she taught me and feel truly content in how I spend and save money.

A.S.(Virginia, US)

Small Business Owner

I am aware of and actively engaged in strategies and tools that continue to bring me financial benefit. I appreciated how Julie kept my goals at the forefront of our conversations thereby encouraging me to reach them. 

L.G. (Virginia, US)

Federal Employee - Real Estate Investor

Julie has a natural ability to bring clarity to what always seems like money “chaos” or “overwhelm." She is able to meet me where I am at, listen and understand the worries or frustrations, and then make me feel more calm with a clear understanding of what needs to happen.

J.S. (Queensland, Aus.)

Expat - Small Business Owner

After my 1/2 day session, I felt like I had more control over a bad situation because I could see where my money was going. It felt good to have a grasp of things that were spiraling in the past. I am actively paying current taxes, so that’s a win!

L. W.(Virginia, US)

Small Business Owner


Together we will:

  • Figure out where your money is going and where it needs to go

  • Decide what's working and what's not

  • Adjust to align your spending with your values... taking out what doesn't feel right, adding in more of what does

You will leave the session with: 

  •  A personalized plan for spending, savings, and debt payoff

  • Next steps so you can take immediate action


This premier half day session includes everything from The Clarity Session, PLUS:

  • The first draft of your yearly and monthly plan will be done for you in advance of our session

  • We will fine tune your plan until it fully accounts for all the little things that make your life uniquely yours

  • You will receive detailed next steps and hands-on support putting them in place

Additionally, we will:

  • Explore your "why" so you understand what's driving your money behaviors and what will keep you moving toward your goals

  • Set milestone celebrations so you feel joy in the process along the way

Get in, get out, get on with your life. 

We work together in a one-time session to create your plan.

Your long term commitment is with YOURSELF, not me.

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